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During the lunar eclipse, I made the decision. I promised to the moon [actually, to myself] that I would do it, for real, and that my purpose in life is overdue. No more procrastinating, no more hiding in the closet, behind my wonderful husband, or behind other great people. I am great as well, I am my own being, and I’m worthy of love, satisfaction, and success as much as I deem my husband to be.

See? When you make such a decision, it’s deep, it’s real, and you step into the energy of success, no matter what.

The best of it? As soon as you get started, the world makes room for you! The world supports you! The world LOVES you for who you are, nobody else than yourself, and you can blossom, thrive, and be all that you can be, now and forevermore.

This is how
was born, during the lunar eclipse of May 15th, 2022

It’s not a question of a pandemic, of having to pivot for other reasons. It’s a question of life, of purpose, of feeling the inner drive to give forward the gift of healing and transformation in such a way that victims hiding in plain sight may receive it, raise their hands, and finally reach the help and support they crave in the silence of their sufferings.

It’s about having real conversations with strong, powerful, visionary women [like me] who have prevailed over abusive and toxic relationships and are now thriving, helping others on their path to greatness, to their best self.

We all may fall prey to a narcissist, one day, and sometimes, we are born to narcissistic parents. The impact it may have on your life can be dramatic, and no matter the extent of the damage to your identity, your truth, and your power, it is your responsibility to stand your ground and to say “enough is enough”, to break free, and to create the life of your dreams.

Some people choose to stay in close contact with their abuser, some people choose to go no contact, and some do not feel they have the choice, really, because they are co-parenting with their abuser, and they are abiding by the terms written in the court order. It can be so detrimental to the well-being of children, parents, relatives, family members, and even pets. And way too often, I hear stories from people who have not found the way out and stayed against all odds in pretty bad situations of domestic abuse, completely hopeless and powerless.

It’s for them that I feel the drive to get up and speak up. It’s for them that I have to give the mic to other victorious women. It’s for them that I founded Real Talk Real Women — Breaking The Silence Around Abuse podcast/videocast that is published on all the main platforms, adding new platforms every week.

What is your story? Are you a victim hiding in plain sight? Do you know someone who is experiencing abuse and feels that they cannot get out? Did you experience the abuse a long time ago and had to heal for years until you’re now able to speak up and say things as they are, to empower those who need your words of encouragement? No matter where you are at, just connect with me and let’s make the world a better place together.

I’m here for you, as my beloved third, last, and dream husband is there for me since 2013 when I put an end to my story of domestic violence.

Let’s continue this movement together.

When one person dreams, it’s a dream. When many people dream together, it’s a movement. The Real Talk Real Women movement.

Gemma Serenity



founder of Real Talk Real Women — Breaking The Silence Around Abuse #narcissist #stopabuse #domesticviolenceawareness

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Gemma Serenity

founder of Real Talk Real Women — Breaking The Silence Around Abuse #narcissist #stopabuse #domesticviolenceawareness